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Parliament/Zelenskiy: 'Together we must stop people who want genocide in Europe'

Inquam Photos / Octav Ganea
Volodimir Zelenski

In a speech to the Romanian Parliament delivered by videoconference on Monday, Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskiy underscored that "people who want genocide in Europe" must be stopped.

"Dear Romanians, together we must stop these inadequate people who have become accustomed to not being punished, to being allowed anything. Together we must stop people who want genocide in Europe," Zelenskiy said.

He argued that Ukraine was not the last "target" of Russian aggression.

"Russian occupiers want to move through the city of Nikolaev to occupy Odessa, and from Odessa it is just a step to Moldova. State propagandists in Russia have long said that Moldova is a target for Russian expansion. That is why it is fundamental to defend the independence and statehood of Moldova, and that means security in the entire Danube region. The fate of the whole of Central Europe and the Black Sea is being decided on the territory of Ukraine," Zelenskiy said, informs.

The President of Ukraine also spoke about the 1989 Revolution that took place in Romania.

"In 1989, Nicolae Ceausescu ended his life, after many years in which it was very clear that this person was inadequate, that his wife and the Securitate were pulling the country down to poverty, isolation not only from the whole world, but isolation from everything that progress means. That regime was based only on fear, repression, power, and had nothing holy. The Romanian people rose up and defended themselves, overthrowing an inadequate regime. Ceausescu, his wife and his entourage could not be convinced of anything. At present, in Russia, those who propagate the war, those who give criminal orders, those who devise plans against the whole people and against the destruction of the Ukrainian state cannot be convinced of anything. These inadequate people have lost all connection with reality and are willing to sacrifice millions of lives to implement their crazy ideas. The second reason why Russia calls for genocide and does not hide it, and commits horrors that everyone has seen in Bucha is that they are convinced that European leaders will not be able to stop them because they are weak and Europeans will not be able to defend their values," Volodymyr Zelenskiy said.

Images from Bucha were presented at the beginning of the speech given by the President of Ukraine.

"The name of our city Bucha will remain for us in the history of the world, in the history of killing people. We know of over 300 tortured people, inhabitants of Bucha. Simple people, inhabitants of a simple city. Their hands were tied at the back and were shot in the back of their head or eye," the Ukrainian president added.

According to him, an article posted on the website of the Russian state agency Ria Novosti, entitled "What should Russia do with Ukraine?", justifies the genocide against Ukrainians.

"It is not just a text. This is one of the proofs for the future court against Russian war criminals. (...) They want to de-Ukrainize (...) Ukraine. The article reads that even the name of our state must be erased. The death of as many Ukrainians in the war as possible is desirable for them, and all this is written by the state agency of the Russian Federation, where nothing can be published without censorship. What is published is only what means an official position in the war with Ukraine. Anything that does not respect this position does not pass censorship. I want you to understand me correctly. They do not even hide, they talk very openly about the war against Ukraine and the purpose of this war. If our army and our people had not defended themselves, what they did in Bucha would have done all over Ukraine," Zelenskiy said.

The Ukrainian president added that there were reports that teachers had been killed in Bucha.


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