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Ciolos: Government with limited powers, without clear majority, not adapted to Romania's needs

Inquam Photos/ Octav Ganea
Dacian Ciolos

PLUS (Liberty, Unity, Solidarity Party) leader, MEP Dacian Ciolos, considers that a government with limited powers, without a clear majority in Parliament, is not adapted to Romania's current needs, stressing the need for early elections because Romanians are awaiting measures to be fulfilled, such as the elimination of those that allowed the release of some criminals.

In an interview for private broadcaster Digi24 TV, the former prime minister recalled that in the autumn of 2015, the Executive fell because it resigned, "with people in the street, who no longer trusted politicians and wanted an independent government".

"The parties withdrew to their quarters, into their shells, initially frightened by this popular reaction in the street and, after a few days, returned to their normal state, prepared for elections and found a very good target in this independent government. Now the situation is a little different, because we are after a period of three years in which, in the same way, people took to the streets following the PSD [the Social Democratic Party] attacks on Justice, but also because of the chaos in the economic field, the economic legislation. Many people wanted this government gone, this majority no longer had popular support and it was very clear in the European Parliament elections. What happened in Parliament now is a natural result of the state of mind in society. (...) People are waiting to see that Romania is changing in the right direction and that the politicians are assuming these changes that are expected by society. Therefore, from my point of view, such a government is not adapted to the needs of Romania at the moment, a government with limited powers, without a clear majority in Parliament. Let's be serious! How can a majority be formed that would reform Romania with about the same politicians who broke the laws of Justice and did everything they could to subordinate the Justice to politics? How could the same people now come with legislative projects in the opposite direction?," said Ciolos.

He says that is why the USR PLUS Alliance has insisted on early elections, and if this is not possible immediately, then "there is a need for a government to take on some things, including before Parliament, including some first reforms needed to clean up the space where more substantial reforms must be prepared and give a clear direction to the Romanian economy and society".

"Parliament, with the same parliamentarians who led Romania in a direction considered wrong by most of the citizens of Romania, this Parliament does not have the legitimacy to support a reform program now. (...) By successively rejecting some proposals for prime minister and government, Parliament can dissolve and then we organize early elections, so that we have a Parliament re-legitimized by vote, that assumes what the population is expecting at the moment. (...) I saw in the press accusations that we do not take responsibility, that we are not ready to enter the government. Just because we want early elections does not mean that we are not ready to enter the government. We are prepared both with ideas and measures to be taken, we are convinced that we can mobilize people to that end. But we are not just interested in splitting money in the territory just because we've got nothing else to do. We want to get in the government to take certain measures that are needed, expected and we know we can put them into practice. And this entails a certain framework that will allow this," explained the former prime minister.

According to him, "PSD is biting now as much as possible from the budget to share it to the mayors, because it feels that it is losing ground and so that it remains in the center of media attention".

"The PSD is clinging to power because, without being connected to the state resources, this party does not exist, has no vision, has no plan. In their vision, they have to increase pensions and salaries to buy votes and that is all. (...) The budget must be secured. (...) And, if there is no majority in Parliament, I believe that the Government's assuming responsibility is the only solution to correct the laws of Justice, put Justice back on the path of an independent action, so it can do its job. Then there are other measures I have seen that Mr Orban [prime minister-designate] has also integrated into what he announced would be a draft of the governing program - th election of mayors in two rounds - and this could be assumed by the Government in Parliament if there is no majority. And here I see a deceitful attitude of some parties that criticized others for not having adopted this law and now they are voting against it. (...) We have also proposed the application of the 'No convicts in public office' measure, because it would be a reaction signal that could also reform the public administration, but also reform the political class, this measure is also expected by the population. The Law of compensatory appeal should also be corrected in the sense of eliminating the measures that allowed the release of certain offenders," said Dacian Ciolos.


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