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COVID-19 cases analysis in Romania until 25 October 2020


The National Center for Surveillance and Control of Communicable Diseases (CNSCBT) published, on 27 October 2020, the weekly COVID-19 Surveillance Report updated from 19-25 October 2020. Thus, by 25 October 2020, 95.7 pct of deaths had associated comorbidities, 82.2 pct of all deaths occurred in people over 60 years of age, and 59.9 pct of these were found in men, the report published on the's website shows, according to AGERPRES.

The share of confirmed cases and deaths by county

In the week of October 19-25, 35.8 pct of all cases were registered in the municipality of Bucharest and in the counties of Cluj, Timis, Iasi and Mures. Also, 31 pct of all deaths were recorded in the municipality of Bucharest and in the counties of Arad, Bacau, Prahova and Sibiu.

The share of confirmed cases by age category: category 40-49 years, most affected; age groups 0-9 and 10-19 years, least affected

Regarding confirmed cases by age, the highest percentage is associated, between 19-25 October as well, to the categories 40-49 years (approximately 23 pct), 50-59 years (approximately 21 pct). The 30-39 age and 60-69 age groups were associated, until 25 October 2020, with close percentages of infection (approximately 14 pct and 13 pct of cases respectively). The age groups least affected by the novel coronavirus remain 0-9 years (approximately 2.5 pct), 10-19 years (about 3.5 pct), over 80 years (about 5.5 pct), 70-79 years (7.5 pct), 20-29 years (about 8 pct).

The share of deaths by age category: categories 70-79 and 60-69 years, most affected

The analysis of deaths by 25 October 2020 indicates that people aged 70-79 years, 60-69 years and over 80 years are the most affected: almost 31 pct (70-79 years), about 27 pct (60-69 years) and 25 pct (over 80 years). The 50-59 age group has a death rate of about 12 pct, while people in the 40-49 age category have a significantly lower mortality rate (about 4 pct). Mortality rates corresponding to age groups 20-29 years (approximately 1 pct) and 30-39 years (approximately 2 pct) 25 October, below 5 pct.

The characteristics of confirmed cases: the percentage of people cured was 71.4 pct as of 25 October 2020

Of the 212,492 cases analysed up to 25 October, 46.5 pct (98,750 persons) were male, 1.5 pct were cases of import (3,098), and 2.8 pct (5,941) were health personnel. The average age of people infected with COVID-19 was 48 years by the date mentioned, the report reports. The number of people cured was 151,811 (71.4 pct). A week ago, the number of people cured was 132,082 (72.2 pct).

The characteristics of deaths: average age of deaths - 70 years

By 25 October 2020, of the total deaths analysed (6,470), the average age of the deceased was 70 years, with 59.9 pct (3,873 persons) male. A large proportion of the deceased had at least one comorbidity: cardiovascular disease (69.6 pct), diabetes (34.1 pct), neurological disorders (22.8 pct), kidney disease (19.1 pct), obesity (19.3 pct), lung disease (13.8 pct), neoplasm (12.2 pct), others (18.4 pct), the CNSCBT report says.


The share of confirmed cases by age and sex group

In terms of the share of illness by age group and sex, it is noted that in both women and men, the most affected age groups are 40-49 years (approximately 23 pct in women and 20 pct in men) and 50-59 years (20 pct in women and about 19 pct in men). The evolution on the basis of age and sex has not seen significant changes since the beginning of the epidemic in our country.

The share of deaths by age and sex group: 60-69 years, the most affected category

Regarding the share of deaths by age and sex group, most deaths in women were associated, up to the date mentioned, with the age groups 60-69 years (about 34 pct), 70-79 (approximately 31 pct) and over 80 years (approximately 30 pct). Thus, in women, compared to last week, an increase in the percentage of the age category 60-69 is observed from 25 pct to 34 pct. In men, the age groups most affected by deaths were 70-79 years (30 pct) and 60-69 years (about 28 pct); the age group over 80 was affected by about 23 pct by 25 October 2020, according to



The CNSCBT weekly report includes COVID-19 statistics updated by 25 October 2020 on the share of cases and deaths by age group, the share of illness by county, the characteristics of confirmed cases and deaths by sex, age, comorbidities, etc. The analysis was conducted based on 212,492 confirmed cases and 6,470 deaths, according to the cited source.


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